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I'm confused... but i love it... I think.... I honestly don't know, but heres five starts for you sir


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Very fun! very well polished, great work, especially for a game made in just 48 hours.
I'd recommend some in game instructions, it felt a little overwhelming at first, that said once i found the pause button and read the instructions things went very well.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta get off this damn, leech infested planet.

this game is great. At a glance, the game is nice, simple, and easy to pick up, the ideal web game. But what really blows me away with this game is the level of polish. The little diamonds that come out of a dead enemy, the sound that blends with the music when you get hit or shoot, it all just works so well. Congratulations, you took something that is fairly simple, and polished it incredibly well. I don't know anyone who has truly mastered polish, but you seem to have done it better than anyone I know on your second game.

I like the concept of multiple ships, but it feels to me like it's really just 3 lives with a touch of variety. the ships don't really feel terribly different you know what i mean. like it wouldn't be that much of a different experience if you only had one ship. That said, if perhaps each ship had a special weapon maybe, that charged in the background, or only while it wasn't in use, that would encourage the player to be managing what ship he or she is using.

My only real problem with the game is that the input isn't perfect. it seems you can only be touching one or two buttons at a time, not sure if that's just me, but it's something to look into. Also (this is an opinion so it's up to you really) I think input should be instantaneous (or as close to instantaneous as the design should permit) so in this game, you press a button and the ship slowly increases speed and then slowly decreases speed once your done. Then again this is a bit of a tangent and the input works fine soooo

Great work. the level of polish is through the roof. polish is a skill that amazes me, the level of patience and care needed is crazy. good work.

JauqAr responds:

Thank you, I spent quite a lot of time polishing up the game, I'm quite proud of it. I really wanted to make my game different from other games of this genre so I decided to make a ship switch mechanic, I thought it would be quite fun. About the input problem, it seems to be based on the keyboard, certain keyboards are only able to have two inputs at a time, the only way to fix this is to purchase a keyboard with higher input limitation (my keyboard has about a 5 key limitation or somewhere around there). Also the ships slow movement is actually based on its stats, the more control a ship has, the faster it will start and stop. The purple ship is near instant because its control is at max.


Great use of the theme. It was very fun to play and wasn't too confusing.
I loved the frantic search for the correct file. Great work.

The parts that I liked the most was looking for similarities with the case files in the computer and the physical case files. I think it would have been really cool if it was more common that you needed to find specific types of evidence based on info from the case description. If there are... I didn't find them i guess XD

All I would've added would be some more sounds like music. some calm music at the beginning that changes to tense as you near the time limit. Great Job on this Ludum Dare entry, and be sure to go check out my ludum dare entry as well.

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This song is Awesome! I've never been big on metal before, but this is just and really upbeat and in your face (in a good way)

JDawg00100 responds:

Thanks, glad you like it

Really awesome!

LunyAlex responds:

Thanks! Really appreciate it!

That was pretty good. Sounds great.

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W3R3W00F responds:

BuĂ­ochas leat :)

This is incredible, as are the rest of your paintings. Keep up the fantastic work.

Looks incredible!

I had an awesome bio but changed it so i can give the illusion that I am a professional.

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