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The fucking truth

2017-11-03 22:04:30 by FSt-Germain

education and society work well in civilization but they dont work in life
things need to change

The only way out of this grip is to climb the mountain of regeneration, but you cannot climb but simply wait upwards

All things are in subject to the development of social gravitas but without the element of time facoting away the desciples of fear when does the clock tick no more you ask? but only in a an uncertain plane of of foundry.

all that truly doesnt make sense is meant to remain without the existence of time, but unfortunatley we have developed time through our understanding of society and have locked ourselves into the udnerfortunate series of lies weve told ourselves fvroms the unrelenquished feeling of self satisfactory in our bowel. once they have taken all of your shenanigans from time's mother you will have nothing left in the womb of true happieness. We have to find a new eay to develop past the heart ache of achievement and carry on


2017-04-05 21:43:48 by FSt-Germain


WTF is repetition

2017-03-30 21:21:41 by FSt-Germain

I recently released repetition. It is my worst rated game so far with less than two stars and is a short, simplistic and not very fun. It's my favourite game that I've made (as of this moment, I'm sure my opinion will change in the future).

First, if you have played repetition and are confused why I like it so much, no, the game is not just repeating the same level over and over again. I don't really want to tell people this, because part of the experience I wanted to make involved making the discovery on your own. So just pretend.

I've experimented before with more self expressive games before. Infact all of my games have a certain level of self expression, whether it was intentional or not. But this was definetley the first time where the only goal was to put my thoughts and point of view into a game specifically for the player to experience.

Normally I don't really like the concept of games like this. The beauty of video games is the interactive part, so a player should always be who gets to make decisions and be expressive, but maybe the fact that the player gets to interperet the game their own way is what will make this game memorable.

This was supposed to explain why I made repetition and then became kind of rambly. Ooops.

Go try repetition if you haven't already. If you don't like it thats fine try my other stuff it's much better.


2017-03-29 15:42:09 by FSt-Germain

Check out repetition.

I like it. I don't think others do.

I worry that they don't even play the whole game.



2017-03-26 19:39:18 by FSt-Germain

Maybe thats a good thing.


2017-03-22 21:29:32 by FSt-Germain

Games take too long to make for any in-the-moment self expression

Ludum Dare was good

2016-12-13 19:46:41 by FSt-Germain

we made an ok game :)

I recently (like, a couple minutes ago) released my new game "Room of Doom by the Fire Supplier" for Ludum Dare 37. It currently has 22 views, not bad. except for that I added highscores into the game. I can now see what people are scoring in the game. except, no one has submitted a score! the records remain with me and my sister. It's not even like only the top players can submit, everyone submits, including the people who suck at the game!

If you've played the game, why didn't you submit a score? did it not load? whats going on?



I'm still making games

2016-09-25 16:36:11 by FSt-Germain

I'm doing some work for Snobox studios!

A new game is coming out soon on IOS and Android.


I just haven't posted anything on newgrounds in ages because I'm an expert procrastinator and Am busy making the games with Snobox for most of the time.